21 Days of Joy Guided Meditations

This was originally created as a pre-Christmas gift but we can use joy all year round, right? Please enjoy these free guided meditations and up your joy factor right now!

How would you like a buffer from the pressure and stress of the economy and the holidays?

Or a warm light to counteract growing cold and diminishing sunlight?

If your answer is yes, please accept my gift of 21 Days of Joy!

This is a series of free guided meditations to help you find the light of confidence and inspiration; peace that trumps any expense, relative or deadline; and joy that bubbles over into gratitude, creativity and prosperity.

With a group of daily listeners, the initial Joy Tribe, this series was created in November 2010, but I’m leaving it online for you to enjoy and share with your friends because every day is a good day to be joyful!

I hope you will join in this adventure in joy. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.” The more we can each embody joy, the more joyful a world we can create together.

I recommend that everyone listen to Day One where we establish the tree of joy, a portal to all the joyful places we will travel for 21 Days. Additionally there are other key meditations: The Big Door and the Sea of Possibilities. Ideally you’ll devote 21 days and listen to them in sequence. I’d love to hear your comments here about what you notice as a result of taking this adventure in joy!

To your endless joy!


Listen & Tap Into Joy!

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