Snow Sanctuary

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In my part of the world, the snow has begun to fall. Although I’m not a big fan of cold, I do love snow. I was born in Syracuse, NY, on Christmas night and my father always talked about driving me home from the hospital in a blizzard. I have fond childhood memories of sucking icicles and building snowmen. So maybe I’m just tuned into¬† snow from the cradle.

I love the way the snow looks and how it seems to quiet the earth, the way a parent can go hussshhh and quiet a child’s fears. A thick snowfall covers the ordinary objects we focus on and offers a new perspective. It’s like stepping into a new dimension. Nothing is what it seemed.

I like to think about life from a metaphysical aspect. By that I mean looking at the ordinary dimension of life as a reflection of another plane of reality. So when I think about snow on the earth, I start to wonder about snow from a higher dimension. What is the snow that quiets my fears? What am I looking at every day that I would feel softer about if I let snowfall change my perspective?

One answer that I get is that I tend to look at all that needs to be done and can get pretty frantic. Snow for me is like slow breathing and slipping into the sanctuary of peace that’s inside where I often get answers but also often release the need for answers.

So today, whether it’s snowing in your world or you’ve only seen pictures of snow, think about what snow means to you and how you might get a snow-fresh perspective.

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