Beyond White Bread….

When I was a kid I ate white bread. The kind that if you squish it gets really flat. I either spread butter on it or PB&J. I liked spaghetti without that gross tomato sauce. I couldn’t even imagine, back then, wanting to eat green vegetables (except canned overcooked spinach like Popeye ate), or any kind of spice. My world worked just fine for me, I thought. I would have curled my lip at the suggestion that I eat something “ethnic”. I couldn’t imagine the world of food I inhabit today, but it is a delicious world, one that has much more nutritional value than my childhood world. Today I got to thinking how often we fear the unknown and hang back subsisting on the white bread of our present consciousness and material worlds, foregoing the adventures and treasures that are just outside the world we call “the known”. What is one way, this very day, that you could open up and taste something new?

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