Birthing Genius

As the celebration of Christmas gets closer for those who celebrate it, the temptation is great to get bogged down in preparations and gift giving and forget the spirit of the season. I’d like to offer a different thought on the spirit of the season.

In the traditional story, regardless of whether you consider it a true stroy, Mary plays a pivotal role as the one who gives birth to the Christ child. While not to discount the importance of giving birth, I think her value has more to do with her agreement to give birth. I prefer a more metaphysical interpretation of the stories in the Bible, as opposed to a literal meaning. To me, the Christ child is the energy of light, love and exceptional power. It is not a one time incarnation in a Jewish infant but rather the light of love and individuality that wants to be born in each one of us.

Mary is the aspect of us that has the ability to say yes to our own greatness, to let go of having to be in control of how that genius manifests.  Mary is the dreamer who holds a vision of possibility through all the ups and downs like donkey rides to Bethlehem while 9 months pregnant or the pains of childbirth that mysteriously fail to be mentioned in the scripture. Mary is the part that allows this dream to develop in its own time and way.

Mary is the one that says yes to birthing greatness even while believing herself to be a humble person of no great consequence or merit. Mary knows there are greater powers than our own self confidence.

In our world there are plenty of limitations to convince that we should not try, that we have limited value to deliver. More people say no. But what would happen if the Mary in you said yes this season? What would you give birth to? What dream? What quality? What genius? Whatever it is, this is the best gift you could give the world this Christmas: the genius of you.

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