Confused. Stuck. Lonely. Overwhelmed. Scared. Grieving. Angry. Empty.

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Nobody likes those feelings. We long for clarity, peace, and a sense of connection to life and the people we care about. But the feelings persist with no end in sight. We’re often mad at ourselves to boot because somehow it must be our fault we’re feeling this way. We just want the feelings to stop but our brains have shut down and our resources seem to have expiration labels with last year’s date. We can’t find the way out.

Sometimes, our entire life gets swallowed by these emotions. Other times, we’re doing quite well in every area but one. The trouble is that one area can feel like a toothache. Who cares if everything else is good? We have to attend to that tooth!

For most of us, these difficult emotional climates are not our usual state of being, but they are places in life’s journey that few escape. I’ve experienced death, betrayal, divorce, serious problems with children, and major transitions in my life. I know these feelings intimately. But I know something else. I know a way out.

Poet Robert Frost said, “The only way out is through.” We all instinctively wriggle in the face of these difficult feelings, but if we stay with them, the light appears. I love working with clients and helping them through the dark night of their pain. I have watched too many sunrises to count and I know there is a light. Believe. Stay Present. Accept. You will get through. I love this poem by Mandi Ducroq on the theme of getting through. Check it out!

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