Dr Andrew Weil is coming to Bend!

Dr. Weil is a well known pioneer and leader in the field of integrative medicine–that means he focuses on the interrelationships between mind/ body/ emotions/ spirit. He is the author of many books, including the soon to be released Spontaneous Happiness. He will be in Bend, OR speaking on January 16. Get a ticket now on my website.

You can also listen (live if you’re in Central Oregon) to an interview on Integrative Medicine on the radio show Medical Makeover with Liz (or for everyone, online.)

“What is Integrative Health Care?”  You’ll get the answer and much more in this show airing August 2nd at 5-6 pm and Saturday August 13th 8-9 am, at 88.9 FM in Bend, OR. The guests are Dr. Bergstrom from the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Chiasson from the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine.  Mayo is one of the top clinics in the world.  Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine is the premier educational facility teaching MDs how to use Integrative Medicine. It was founded by Dr. Andrew Weil.

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  1. Penny White

    I have been fighting for integrative healthcare for 15years and if I could meet you it would be my dream, I met Liz my 2nd day in Bend at one of her lectures in Feb.10 she is truly a hero of mine.

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