Getting What We Want

Getting what we want requires focusing on what we want–as opposed to what we don’t want that is littering our current reality and creating upset for us. Focusing needs to happen in the language of the subconscious mind–which is image and emotion. So say, I keep staring at a picture of a boat passing through the mist into a wider water space that I can’t quite see. I have a picture of that on my wall. If I look at that and it gives me a feeling of excitement or peace, a thought that I’m moving into unknown waters of good, then I will have a positive charge and will more easily manifest something that is expansive and positive. On the contrary, if I look at the same picture and think “I’m sailing out of control!” and feel fearful, I’d have a negative charge and manifest something that matches that feeling thought. Either way, the emotion and the image go together. So we have to pick images that generate feelings we want and focus on those.

When we do this, something interesting happens in your mind. There’s something called the Reticular Activating Device that notices discrepancies between the world we are living in and the world we are focusing on. It takes action and brings inner and outer realities  into harmony. So if my world is chaotic but I keep focusing on peaceful images, something has to change. If my world is chaotic and  I keep focusing on the wrongness of all this chaos in my life, and whose fault (not mine, of course) it is, then the reticular activating device has no work to do because the conditions in my life are already a match for the internal focus and so the status quo can be maintained.

Why don’t we just do this? Two big reasons I come across both in my own consciousness and with clients. We get stuck in judgment. We’re so busy slamming down the gavel on our judge’s bench condemning present experience and the culprits responsible for it, crying out for reasonable explanations, that we never get around to doing what is in our power to do to change the situation….like focus on what we want.

The second big reason is we get stuck on the “cursed hows”. Our failure to see in advance the way to what we want keeps us paralyzed from even taking a step. But it isn’t ours to see the whole path before we begin moving. “Leap and the net will appear!” If we spend that time focusing on the image of what we want and feeling the positive feelings associated with it part of the reticular activating device’s work is to start sharing some ideas of how and what to do next. Just not all at once.

The order of manifestation is focus, believe, feel, be grateful, listen, act, see the change!

And though I’ve concentrated here on the focus aspect, there’s another important element. Knowing we are part of the Creative Energy of Life and that we are connected to everyone and everything is essential to our ability to believe it makes a difference what we do.That knowing seems to amplify our power to manifest.



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