Give a Yippee to Your Day!

When I woke up this morning and let out the dog I was greeted by such a freshness in the air. It felt relatively warm, and at least for the moment, offered a possibility of a sunny clear day. I felt exhilarated and couldn’t wait to get outside for a walk. It was like something else was propelling me to move.

That got me wondering about the forces of joy and exhilaration in our lives. Each day, after all, is a fresh new day, holding all kinds of possibilities, but I know I don’t have this attitude each morning. But I could. If I just gave it a little thought, I could generate an excitement about the day in front of me, a Yippee that I have one more day to explore and relish. I wonder how that would affect the way the day unfolds?

So that’s my challenge to me and to you. Be the cheerleader of your own days and greet each one with a Yippee! Even if you don’t have the energy for it on the front end, Yippee enough and you may find the quality of your days becoming something you really want to celebrate!

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