Giving works!

Tithing is an ancient practice that started out as a religious tax…nothing spiritual about it. But it is a way to get yourself in the flow of prosperity. Wealthy people have built fortunes using this principle. The key is the discipline of giving, that you give the 10%–or whatever percent you are committed to–automatically. The difference between doing it that way and when you feel you have it, is that most of us never feel we can afford to give very much and that belief keeps us stuck. As we give what feels like a lot, we fuel the belief that we have plenty to give, because somehow that practice creates the equivalent of the magic pot of rice. Remember that story? No matter how much rice was eaten, the pot just kept making more. As we keep giving, more comes our way.

Most important is that you give, but I have been taught that the highest form of tithing is to give where you are spiritually inspired and uplifted so that you cultivate more of that in your life. If you add the energy of gratitude as you give, you get even more bang for your buck, so to speak! But mostly, commit to giving. We are hard wired as humans to feel better when we give. There are many physiological benefits that we receive when we give beyond the good feeling we get in our hearts.

There are many ways to give. Give encouragement. Give money. Give appreciation. Give shelter and food. Give a helping hand on a physical job. Give your wisdom. Give love and kindness. Give prayer. Give directions (if you really know how to get somewhere!) Give acceptance. Give a listening ear and heart. Give a smile. Give your time. Give a song. Give you!

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