Investigate your feelings

A friend of mine made a powerful statement to me yesterday. She said emotions are like indicator lights on your car. They point to something else, in this case, something you are thinking. For example, if you start getting anxious, you are thinking about the future. You may also be thinking about the past and comparing what was to what you think can be. (And erring on the side of impossibility!) This will usually bring sadness up as well. Maybe even anger. Whatever has happened in your life that has changed the circumstances may not seem fair. It may actually not be fair. But has my daughters’ Dad always said, “So where’s your Fair Card?” When we argue with life as it’s actually happening, those thoughts that we are having the wrong experience generate a bunch of emotion. If you enjoy the catharsis of that emotion, go for it. If it’s exhausting you, then think of it as an indicator light and look “under the hood”. You’re sure to find some crossed wires in your thinking!

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