Practical Spirituality

If I could share one truth with you, it would be that neither the cause of your discontents and upsets, nor the solution for them, can be found in the apparent circumstances of your life.

The causes are your deeply embedded, unconscious beliefs and these are formed long before you became rational. The solutions will be found on the spiritual plane. The power of love and unlimited possibility can heal those erroneous troublesome beliefs. When healing happens on this level, it doesn’t have to be long and drawn out and difficult. In a quantum spiritual field, complete wholeness and joy and love are already yours.

Spirituality is universal and necessary. Even those who proclaim themselves atheists, believe in love, which is the essence of spirituality. Spirituality refers to your relationship to the spiritual plane, a plane of pure, high consciousness and unlimited potential. Religion refers to human institutions and the set of beliefs they have adopted about the nature of the spiritual plane. Because religions are created over time and in specific cultures by humans, they are subject to both the best and the worst expressions of human behavior. Many people have experienced religious abuse or just disconnection from the teachings they were raised with and so turn away from religion. Hopefully, if you are one of these people, you have found your way to a deep spiritual connection. If you are fortunate, you have also found a tribe of people who share your spiritual beliefs and can encourage you to stay connected to your essence and create from there rather from the fearful paradigms your ego offers.


Unity Community of Central Oregon

Unity is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. A positive alternative to negative religion, Unity teaches that God is present within all of us. Unity affirms the power of prayer and helps people experience a stronger connection with God every day! 

“I am so so lucky to be loved by you and get to love you. I am so enriched, moved, Inspired, THRILLED to be able to be a part of Jane’s world! You really don’t have any idea how truly you are a light and blessing unto this world … I am so proud of our community’s growth and how welcoming we are as a place for people to shine, and honestly we owe that to you! Your vision, compassion and love makes us who we are … loves and more hugs!” D. Finch

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Unity and the people I have met here. This is the first church community that I have belonged to one where I instantly felt 100% accepted and connected. The messages of love, grace, and acceptance always touch my heart and impact my daily life. I love that the focus is on spiritual growth and simply being good to yourself and others.” U. Fischer