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Love is an Inside Job, Set of 5 Hypnosis Downloads


Love is an Inside Job, set of 5 audio downloads
Five audio tracks designed to use powerful hypnotic imagery to help the listener leave the burden of pain from the past behind and move forward in more positive life directions. If efforts to transform your past have had limited success, you may be surprised at the power of re-visiting your old story through hypnosis. These inductions go beyond the limits of the conscious mind and engage your being on all major levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, leading to integrated healing.

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Love is an Inside Job, set of 5 audio downloads

#1: Nature of the Inner Journey, 25:55 mp3

This informational audio answers common questions about why and how hypnosis works and prepares listeners, on a conscious level, to gain maximum benefit from hypnosis sessions.

#2: Remember Who You Are, 56:21 mp3

Accompanied by angelic presence, travel back in time reviewing and learning from the significant moments of your life, including birth, gestation and conception, to a pre-conception memory of wholeness.  Then journey back to the present and use the power of the subconscious mind to restore that innate sense of wholeness to your self-awareness.

#3: You Can Trust Again, 33:31 mp3

Heal the pain of betrayal by those who may have abused you or failed to give you the kind of love you needed.  Also heal any subconscious resentment you may carry toward a God who seemed to allow such treatment.

#4: Bringing The Lost Parts Home, 32:14 mp3

Journey back in time to reclaim the parts of yourself that weren’t safe to express when you were younger.  Experience greater power, vitality and self-love.

#5: Send Your Love Across Time, 58:28 mp3

Use the power of story to travel into the ancient past, whether of your imagination or a literal past life, to transform negative attitudes and patterns that seem to have haunted you forever.