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Oasis of Peace, Set of 3 Hypnosis Downloads


Oasis of Peace, set of 3 audio downloads
You can create an oasis of peace in your hectic life with these two peaceful hypnotic journeys.

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Oasis of Peace, set of 3 audio downloads

#1: Journey to Peace Relaxation, 35:44 mp3

This is purely hypnosis for relaxation. As you listen and unwind, you also learn how to soothe yourself anytime, anywhere.

#2: Journey to Peace Meditation, 34:14 mp3

The second track on this CD is a soothing meditation, affirming that you are love inside, and nothing more. Many clients have reported listening to this CD nightly to help them sleep.

#3: Journey to the Sun, 23:57 mp3

This hypnosis journey helps you imagine possibilities. You can create anything if you can really imagine it. This helps you to do just that and it is greatly relaxing.