Secret to Long and Happy Marriage

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I have the best job in the world! Today I got to sit with a wonderful man of 79 years. His wife had passed away 8 years ago but she was still alive and beloved in his heart. They had been married for 50 years. He couldn’t say enough good things about her. I felt happy just being in his presence as he spoke of her. He said that when his daughter was 17 she had heard them argue for the first time and was shocked because they always held their arguments in private. He said they had the rule that they never went to bed or to work angry because you never know if you’ll wake up and you never know if you’ll come home. Pretty good advice, don’t you think? When it comes to lasting love, I’d say this man is an expert!

A few years ago, I heard Mat Boggs and Jason Miller, two (at the time) twenty-something bachelors who took a cross country trip in an RV with Mat’s grandmother, interviewing experts similar to the gentleman who was in my office today. Project Everlasting was the book and video that resulted from talking to dozens of couples who had been married happily for 40 plus years. Their philosophy was that they didn’t know the first thing about lasting love and so they wanted to learn from those that did. It’s an easy read with heartfelt advice that clearly has stood the test of time!

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