Soul Readings are Illuminating and Surprising

A Samurai warrior that wrote haiku in the middle of the night and then buried his poetry so nobody would discover his feminine side was the beginning of a soul reading for a woman who needed to balance her masculine and feminine energy. A man who struggled with lack of motivation was given the story of a sudden storm that decimated a whole fishing village, drowning most of the men at sea. This was a balance to the experience of the same group of souls who had been marauders, swooping in like that storm and devastating all. The soul’s agenda is to learn compassion from every angle, not to ensure a pleasant ride. An Amish couple that split up because he wanted to explore a wider world was the perfect parallel for a man’s relationship with a woman who kept complaining that he always wanted more.

These images and stories help people make sense of their lives in a way that talking about issues and challenges just can’t do. Perhaps because image, story and emotion are the language of the powerful subconscious mind, these soul readings take people into the region of the brain where change can be made.

Sometimes the soul readings deal mainly in images and sometimes guidance comes through….pointing out actions that you habitually are engaging in that you need to stop or directions that would be more fortuitous for you. They can illuminate the source or the solution for depression and anxiety and also help you connect to aspects of your being that will strengthen you on your journey.

One woman was trapped in her life by a relationship with an abusive man. Even though she had ended it years ago, she felt like it wasn’t over because she was still seething with anger at his behavior and still monitoring the way he continued to abuse others, looking for a way to stop him. Her soul reading spoke about her being in an old English courtroom screaming for justice but the criminal was going free. He was gone but she was still there. She was using up her life energy trying to keep him in a well deserved dungeon in her mind and she was just as present in the dungeon, only on the other side of the bars. She had truly painted herself into a corner. In the reading, the guidance was not only to forgive and resign as the person who needed to be responsible for him receiving just punishment, but also to focus on her own life. She was told to start literally painting herself out of the corner by starting to paint, an activity she hadn’t done since childhood.

Soul readings fill me with awe as I do them because I feel like I am both the channel through which this river of guidance is streaming and an observer on the shore watching curiously. These can be done by phone or in person. If you are interested please email me at or read more about the process.


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