The Awe-full Truth

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If you want a more positive attitude in life, one aspect of positivity to cultivate is awe. This past weekend, I led a workshop on increasing positivity and a man named Michael gave me a new perspective on awe. He pointed out that the word awful has the same root. I started wondering what I would experience if I started to examine the things I label awful to find out what is awe-full about them.

This is an ongoing challenge I’m giving myself. So far I have noticed that I can be in awe of my ability to speak up, to keep breathing through, and to see another point of view. I wonder what else I will find. I’d love to hear your perspective.

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  1. Lee

    I’m in AWE…..that I have peace of mind today when on the outside things look pretty aweful. I intuitivly know that something is trying to emerge here….patience and trust seem to be at the root of it all.

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