The Fabric of Our Lives

Deepak Chopra writes, “We weave ourselves into a tapestry of experience that grows more exalted as time passes, yet each thread is nothing but a wisp of thought, desire or feeling. Every moment lived adds another stitch, and even if you cannot envision what the final pattern will look like, it helps to know that the thread is golden.”

This quote so beautifully expresses the paradox of moving in the direction of our greatest visions and deepest desires while staying present in the moment we are experiencing. I love the idea of being aware that the thread is golden. It highlights the truth that there is a greater power doing the weaving.

One of my favorite fairy tales is Rumpelstiltskin. In that story, a drunken man brags about his daughter’s weaving talent. He claims she can weave straw into gold. This lands hisĀ  young daughter in a room in the King’s castle that is filled with straw. She is commanded to spin it into gold or be killed. Naturally she panics since she has no idea how to spin gold. But magic comes into play in the form of the dwarf Rumpelstiltskin who performs the task for her.

It’s not that we should expect a magic dwarf to solve our problems but that we are part of a flow of life that is so powerful it seems like magic. It only weaves with golden thread. Our task is to know this is so, envision the cloth we would most love to create, and then watch for the specks of gold shimmering in the moment right in front of us.

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