This book lays out a path to empowerment, self-acceptance, love and joy through becoming aware of the existence of a power within, a “magic child”, and learning how to relate to that power. The book is filled with Jane’s personal stories as well as stories of her clients that bring her message to life. The book also has many beautiful poems and photographs plus whimsical cartoons.
What readers have said about the book:

“I don’t want to stop reading.  It’s hard to put down.”

“After reading Magic Child I see how my own choices got me where I am and that I can now choose differently.”

“I like the way you talked about God. It took him out of the clouds and inside where I could talk to Him.”

“It’s helped me reach into my soul and find depths and connections I didn’t know were there.”

What professionals have said:

“Jane’s work is heartful, helpful and simple to apply.  I urge you to read this book and make its wisdom part of your life.” Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.,Co-Author of Conscious Loving, The Conscious Heart, The Ten-Second Miracle

“Magic Child is a practical, supportive guide for learning to accept all the truths about ourselves and move into our real nature.  Conceived in love, infused with compassion, and meticulously rendered, it is filled with the wisdom of numerous world spiritual traditions as well as the personal experience of many magic children.”
Mary Morrissey, Author of Building Your Field of Dreams


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