The Shore of Dreams

As I journey with the “Joy Tribe” on the 21 Days of Joy, we have made our way to what, at first, seemed to be the “Sea of Uncertainty”. It’s that place in our consciousness where anything could happen and we’re unsure what will happen. But–if we’re honest–we often invite “Worry” to be our traveling companion as we sail across the Sea of Uncertainty. Let’s face it, “Worry” weighs the boat down and can even sink it. But you don’t have to let that happen.

On the journey of joy, we are imagining the Sea of Uncertainty as the Sea of Possibility. We are traveling each day to the Shore of Dreams and imagining all that our heart desires. If you can imagine it, you can create it. That is no longer a new thought for most of us. But just because we know about the creative power of our minds, doesn’t mean we’re taking action to get Worry out of the boat of our consciousness.

Today, ask yourself what you are doing to “imagineer” your best possibilities and make a commitment to do something specific. Start a practice that will keep you confidently focused on the Shore of Dreams. If you want to join in the 21 Days of Joy, you can simply start on your own, listening to the daily meditations. Register here. The idea of 21 days is that it’s long enough to establish a new habit, whether it’s a habit of meditating or a habit of positive thinking.

Other ideas are to have your own meditation practice, a journal practice, meet with a group of like minded dreamers on a regular basis, go for daily experiences in nature….. Have you noticed a theme? It’s regular. We change our consciousness through practice and attention. Whatever your style, choose something and get yourself to that Shore of Dreams!

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