What’s the value of bad habits?

In our rush to rid ourselves of bad habits, we too often overlook the value they have. After all, none of us are stupid–even if we do some stupid things at times. If we’re doing something repeatedly, it has a value for us. We may or may not realize what that value is, at least on a conscious level. But unless we recognize what the value is, we will be doomed to a short lived change.

One example of a value is smoking. I don’t know anyone who thinks smoking is good for them. Many smokers truly want to stop, but their attempts are often short lived. One of the most common reasons is that smoking gives them a time of sanctuary from their hectic day, space from other people’s needs and demands. If they are to successfully stop smoking, they have to find another way to give themselves that space.

So before you try to weed a bad habit out of the garden of your life, make sure that you know what its value is and then get creative about meeting that value in another way.

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